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Engineering, computer science, entrepreneurship, imagination, empathy, logic, problem-solving, leadership, focus, work-ethic, social connectivity and enthusiasm...

Every job that can be automated will be automated in the future... which leaves the question... what skills will be the most valuable skills for the young people of today to acquire for this fast approaching future?

Already, we see how access to future-ready education is not evenly distributed. The vision and diligence to overcome budget constraints, testing requirements, and to provide every child the opportunity to touch the future today is inspiring, and a rare commodity. In lieu of living in an area where such leaders occupy the classrooms where your child attends school, parent and mentor-led efforts like kidOYO and CodeLI.org provide advanced opportunity to anyone that wants it.

Still, despite significant effort... many kids are being left behind.

This year, that is going to change. Despite the lack of funding support for non-profit programs on Long Island, a place that gets a bad wrap for having roads paved with gold, in partnership with leading school districts, kidOYO will be bringing our advanced methods and tools to every community that is interested.

An hour of code was never designed to be enough for any practical purpose, and while the marketing campaign has helped raise awareness of the general lack of content in our schools, too often the methods fall short. The kids of today do not want to be pacified with moving Disney characters on a computer screen... they want access to the real world where they can put real skills into play and test possibilities for themselves. Their ideas about what education should be look revolutionary to most that have come before them, and why shouldn't they... this is the most powerful generation to ever walk this planet, with access to more learning resources and opportunities to sense their entire world than ever before thought possible.

Parents - you hold the key. Every kid that enters our programs, every school that resolves to overcome the myriad of obstacles to make future-ready education available today... does so because of parents that resolve to make sure their kids get the best education available, the most useful education possible.

Teachers are heroes. Like firefighters and police officers, they deserve our help and support to bring the best possible outcomes to life in their craft. And while both 'computational thinking' and 'entrepreneurial thinking' are generally absent from most school curriculums, the opportunity to change this is real, and the need is growing in importance as the nature of work and opportunity itself changes in front of our eyes.

Time is the most finite resource... not money, not skill, not tools... alone, one organization will not provide a scalable solution... only a community has the ability to do this.

Reach out if you are interested in being part of this community.

Check out what happened this summer... over 200 kids built over 250 websites documenting the many many Minecraft Mods, Python apps, Javascript games, 3D printed objects and tools, and earned hundreds of badges documenting their skills... skills that will be translated into real world outcomes as leading Universities start accepting them as part of the admissions process.


Kids Learning to Code, Make, Own at New York Institute of Technology

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